May 2019

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As spring finally rolls out its finery in Nova Scotia, it’s easy to view your property with fresh eyes.  After months of ice and wind followed by weeks of mud, it might not be looking its sharpest.  Enter... the pressure washer.  It’s a powerful tool with almost endless uses. 

Two warnings first:  
1) Don’t use it on your home’s windows, and
2) Don’t use it to wash your car.

Otherwise, there’s not much in your yard that a pressure washer can’t clean.  It will scour nascent algae off of your shady deck, grime off of your siding, and stains from your concrete.  In fact, a good pressure wash can add a few extra dollars on the value of your home! 

While it’s undeniably satisfying to watch the sludge flow away from your home, it’s also a healthy choice for

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