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Curb appeal: you hear about it everywhere. Every real estate agent, every HGTV host, every bossy sister-in-law drills the mantra of curb appeal into home sellers’ heads. First impressions are lasting impressions. It’s a gift to your neighbours. It draws in buyers who might otherwise pass you by. But getting ready to sell your home is stressful already, why add another task to your endless list? Isn’t a freshly-mown lawn enough?

Well, because a small investment in your yard’s landscaping can help land you a sale in a tricky market, or boost your sale price in a crowded field. And here’s a secret that many gardeners neglect to mention — maintaining a few low-maintenance plantings does’t take any more time, effort, or special equipment than

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As real estate prices continue their never-ending climb along Dartmouth and Halifax’s waterfront, you might think there’s no way you’ll ever be able to afford a home with a water view. But we have great news: there are still lots of spots in HRM where you can buy that million-dollar view for less than $500,000. In some places, a lot less. 

So let’s start with Halifax Harbour If you’re sold on that sparkling view of Halifax across the water, King’s Wharf is where you want to be. Each unit has its own view of the Harbour, from Georges Island straight across to the MacDonald Bridge.  If you’d prefer a freehold on the Dartmouth side, we recommend looking to properties in Eastern Passage. In addition to its excellent schools, golf course, and Harbour

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Are you feeling the need for a refresh in your home? Or maybe you’re looking to tone down some of your earlier choices for a more neutral, saleable palette, but you still want a home that reflects your personality. Well, you’ve come to the right place!  According to a recent study by Zillow, the paints you choose can dramatically affect the price of your home — we’re talking thousands of dollars. The good news is that all of the paint colours suggested are 100% liveable! The world of colour psychology is vast, but at its most basic, the three dominant colours recommended by the survey — blue, beige, and grey — all communicate high quality and peacefulness. They’re also considered gender-neutral.   Just like with any other renovation, kitchens and

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