How Thinking Like an Air BnB Host Can Help Sell Your Home

Posted by Super Admin on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 at 9:06am.

Airbnb makes the news all the time for all sorts of reasons, but it also offers some superb ideas for anyone interested in buying or selling a home. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb, it’s an app and online portal for homeowners and travellers. Homeowners with as little as a single spare bedroom (or as much as a castle) list their space on the site, and travellers rent it for a more personal, authentic experience of a city or neighbourhood, and usually for less money than a comparable hotel room. 

So what lessons can you learn from Airbnb about selling your home? Plenty!

Declutter Your Kitchen C21 As a seller, there’s a lot to learn from the way Airbnb’s most popular properties are staged. Whether it’s a single bedroom or a whole house,   decluttering helps your home feel more spacious, peaceful and welcoming — and more appealing to buyers. Roll up your bathmat, cull your closet,   clean off the refrigerator door, empty the junk drawer. You want your home feeling its lightest and most airy.  Decluttering means clearing most   horizontal surfaces (counters, tables, desks) of all but the prettiest items. Your kitchen counter should support nothing more than a bowl of fruit or   vase of flowers, and every shelf on the bookcase should have some breathing room. Bonus: you’ll experience that zen feeling we all get when   walking into a hotel room in your own home for a change!

Fixing the little things
Home Improvements C21The most successful Airbnb hosts know that the devil is in the details. If their property has a stack of construction materials in the garage or a leaky tap, they know that they’ll hear about it in their reviews! So take a page from their book. Spackle those abandoned nail holes. Get rid of that broken chair. Properly dispose of that old motor oil. Every home has a handful of easy-but-inconvenient maintenance jobs or updates that home owners might live without for years. But when you’re thinking of selling, every detail counts. Maybe you’ve been putting off power-washing the siding or taking your returnables to the depot — now that you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you should block out a few hours and finish everything. Again, you’ll benefit from the fruits of your (relatively minor) labours while you wait for the right buyer.

Amenities in the neighbourhood C21 Make a list of the most charming and fun aspects of your neighbourhood Here’s a fun way to help with the marketing of your home. Clever Airbnb hosts   usually leave their renters a folder or file of suggested activities and attractions in their neighbourhoods.  They usually offer some local knowledge: a   beautiful nearby playground for families, the neighbourhood donut shop, a well-curated used book store, farmer’s market, or vintage boutique. These   charming details don’t usually make the sales copy for a property, so make sure that your realtor knows the secret spots that will appeal to your target   demographic.

Thinking like an Air BnB host can give you a leg up on other sellers in your area.
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