Becoming Licensed to Sell Real Estate in Nova Scotia

All applicants must complete a 5 week (five) licensing course (in its entirety) or a correspondence licensing course. Every applicant must purchase his or her own textbook. After successfully completing either the salesperson licensing or broker/manager licensing course, you may register for the exam.

Course Description Correspondence Version

The course is also available through correspondence. The deadline to complete the correspondence version of the Salespersons Licensing Course is 6 months from the start date. There are three assignments to complete. The pass requirement for each assignment is 70 per cent. Students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor and will also have the option to audit three days of the classroom course.

Salesperson Licensing Course

The course curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to enter the real estate profession with an acceptable level of technical knowledge, competence, and skills. The program utilizes an integrated learning design/system which includes a Salesperson Licensing Workbook, Forms & Solutions Booklet, Real Estate Encyclopedia-Canadian Edition, and Provincial Reference Manual.

The Salesperson Licensing Workbook consists of ten units and 25 sub-units (sessions) and is designed for either classroom or correspondence delivery.

The classroom course is three weeks in length (9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day) and requires 100% attendance.

Salespersons Licensing Course Outline

Unit 1 - The Real Estate Profession

  • Session 1 A Career in Real Estate
  • Session 2 Professional Associations and Regulatory Controls

Unit 2 - The Real Estate Market

  • Session 1 Market Dynamics
  • Session 2 Market Value

Unit 3 - Legislation

  • Session 1 Real Estate Ownership
  • Session 2 Planning, Land Use and Taxation
  • Session 3 Real Estate Trading
  • Session 4 Other Provincial and Federal Legislation

Unit 4 - Agency & Contract Law

  • Session 1 Agency Relationships and Disclosures
  • Session 2 Basics of Contract Law

Unit 5 - Mortgages & Financial Calculations

  • Session 1 Mortgages
  • Session 2 Mortgage Financing & the Closing Process

Unit 6 - Property Valuation

  • Session 1 The Appraisal Process
  • Session 2 Direct Comparison Approach
  • Session 3 Cost and Income Approaches

Unit 7 - Construction & New Houses

  • Session 1 House Construction
  • Session 2 New Houses

Unit 8 - Professional Conduct

  • Session 1 Standards, Trade Practices and Discipline
  • Session 2 Risk Management and Professionalism

Unit 9 - Representing Buyers & Sellers

  • Session 1 Seller Representation and The Listing Process
  • Session 2 Buyer Representation and Negotiations

Unit 10 - Drafting Agreements

  • Session 1 Drafting the Residential Resale Agreement
  • Session 2 Conditional Offers and Selected Forms
  • Session 3 Condominium Resale Agreement
  • Session 4 Tenancy Agreement


Exams are written the first Friday of every month. Exams are written at 7 Scarfe Court, Dartmouth, NS and various Access Nova Scotia offices. Registrations for the exam must be received by NSREC with appropriate fees no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the exam is written. Applications are available at NSREC.

The pass mark for the exam is 70%. You can write the exam three times. If you are unsuccessful after the third time, you are required to take the licensing course again. The cost each time you write the exam is $75.00.

There is an opportunity for unsuccessful applicants to review the exam they failed. It is the third Thursday after the exam is written. There is no charge for this service.

If the applicant fails the exam twice, he/she can pay to have a formal exam review with the Registrar.

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